[OpenAFS] Newbie Question

Gary Bowling gb@gbco.us
Fri, 02 May 2008 13:19:36 -0500

Ok, after being side tracked by real work for an hour or so I'm back to 
looking at this. Here are some answers to a few of the responses.

Lars - Thanks, I had no idea DNS needed anything. I have everything in 
/etc/hosts right now. Will that work or do I need DNS entries? Time is 
sync'd already.

Sergio - No real reason to downgrade to single-des, I wasn't even 
thinking as that set up was just copied from some place I found... If I 
get it all working I'll go back and change that to 3des. As for 
-dynroot, I do not have that on the client, the only client option is 

Christopher - Thanks for that, at least I can stop looking at those log 
entries :) Here is the output of vos listvldb -noauth
VLDB entries for all servers

    RWrite: 536870912
    number of sites -> 1
       server homepc.gbco.us partition /vicepa RW Site

Total entries: 1

Kevin - Thanks for clarifying the log entries.