[OpenAFS] [SOLVED] Problem with start of fileserver and volserver

Micha³ Dro¼dziewicz michal@drozdziewicz.pl
Thu, 08 May 2008 13:05:45 +0200

One of my KDC was down and this AFS despite of it's configuration in 
krb5.conf apparently tired to access this KDC. When KDC was restored 
fileserver magically started after bos start localhost fs and is working ok.

In strace there was nothing about it, so this could just be a luck and 
AFS repaired itself automatically but I am writing about this, maybe 
someone will find it useful :)

Micha³ Dro¼dziewicz pisze:
> Hello,
> I have a problem with my openafs server. After power outage fileserver 
> and volserver (fs instance) does not start correctly.
> File server reports in the logfile that it is starting but nothing more=
>  Volserver is quitting with code 1 because it can not connect to file 
> server through port 2040 (I've straced this out).
> Stracing fileserver givs only this (see attached file), but I do not 
> know what this could possibly be.
> Does anybody know how to turn debugging on for fileserver? Running it 
> with -d 10 or any other number gives nothing more in the logfile.
> This AFS server is running debian sarge. This is one of the 20 server's=
> I have and this is the first time I have this kind of a problem. Any 
> help would be appreciated.

xmpp/email: koniczynek@uaznia.net
xmpp/email: koniczynek@gmail.com