[OpenAFS] Migrate users vom IBM-AFS to OpenAFS

Esther Filderman mizmoose@gmail.com
Mon, 19 May 2008 17:24:46 -0400

To repeat/simplify what Harald said:

 - Set up new server as part of your "cell" .  (keep the cell name,
keyfile, etc. the same.  Make sure you make a CSDB for both machines
that know about *both* servers as db servers for the cell)

When you fire up the pt (and vl, etc.) server, the AIX box will be
sync site and send everything to the "new" server.

- Move your volumes from AIX box to Linux box.

- Change your CSDB to only have the Linux box.
  You will probably have to do a "bos restart" to make this take
effect. If I remember right, you can add to the CSDB on the fly but
removals & changes require a restart.

 - Shut down the now empty & useless AIX box.

I also repeat what Harald said about the KAserver.  It's not just old,
and crufty, and an inch from being completely unsupported (if not
already), but it's full of giant security holes.  Even with the
biggest firewall on the planet I would not run a KA server.

Changing to a Kerberos 5 setup is fairly painless.  Please, for the
safety of your data and security of (all) your systems (if they break
into one machine....), upgrade.