[OpenAFS] Migrate users vom IBM-AFS to OpenAFS

Harald Barth haba@kth.se
Mon, 19 May 2008 21:49:31 +0200 (CEST)

> We have got one old AFS Server (IBM AIX 3.4) with IBM-AFS and we
> want to transfer the data (the volumes) and the users and groups to
> a new Linux AFS-Server with OpenAFS.

> To transfer the volumes isn't the problem. But how can we migrate
> all the users and groups to the new server?

The users and groups are all in the PT database. So just set up a
ptserver along with your fileserver on your Linuxbox. So you will have
the fileserverprocesses, the vlserver and the ptserver configured on
that machine. Then you configure your cell to have both DB servers.
They will sync. Then you take away the old one and unconfigure that.

> The new server won't use Kerberos5. It will use a kas-server like
> the old AIX-server does.

No. As in DO-NOT-DO-THAT. Pleeeeeeezzzzzeeee migrate to kerberos(5)
instead of making yourself unhappy with a service that is only there
for backwards compatibility. You can set up a KDC quite easily (for
example a Heimdal KDC) and it can IMPORT your ka database (passwords
and all). Or use a Windows AD that you probably have running

> Does anybody know where I can find a HowTo or something like that? I
> goggled hours and hours but I don't find any useful information for
> this topic.

Google: "JPL=E2=80=99s Kerberos 5 Upgrade"