[OpenAFS] Great big honkin' volumes -- anyone using?

Rich Sudlow rich@nd.edu
Tue, 27 May 2008 13:13:52 -0400

Kim Kimball wrote:
> Hello all,
> It was good to see many of you at the conference last week.  I'll expect 
> to see all of you there next time!
> If the answer to this question is redundant with something that was 
> handled there I apologize for not making it until Friday.
> Is anyone using AFS volumes near the limit of 2TB in 1.4.x?  1TB?

Yes we are -  I've used 1.4 TB volumes using Linux fileservers
for about 8 months without problems.  I just started using some
1.95 Tb volumes sitting on Solaris ZFS fileservers  - most of these 
volumes contain lightly used data.

> If so, what experiences, please?

Things are fine for the most part - as you might guess volume moves
take a while - My general rule of thumb is to expect 200 GB per
hour for moves - so a volume with 1 TB of data in it takes 5 hours.

I had an issue with using up and moving large files - I hope to
submit a bug to Sine Nomine later this week regarding this.


> Thanks!
> Kim
> [ P.S. back at work for several hours and have not deleted even one 
> volume ... yet!  An auspicious start ... (-;   ]
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