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Matt Benjamin matt@linuxbox.com
Thu, 06 Nov 2008 14:43:16 -0500

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Ok, I've re-read this, and I think it's a smaller question than I thought.

I did not intend to call into question the funding plans that have been
made for the OpenAFS foundation, to the degree I understand them.  I
probably expressed myself badly.

What I was trying to say, simply, was that I'd suggest that the number
of seats on the TAC needs to fit the available community personnel too,
not solely the number of corporate contributors, especially if,
hypothetically, there were an insufficient number of such corporate
sponsors at the beginning, or from time to time.  I'm happy to have
those sponsors there, and supportive of it.


Russ Allbery wrote:
> Matt Benjamin <matt@linuxbox.com> writes:
> I don't understand why you think this is a regression from the current
> situation.  Currently, the only large projects that happen at all are the
> ones that are funded by someone.  This system opens the possibility of
> using contributions more collectively for projects of benefit to the whole
> community instead of only doing large projects that can be funded entirely
> by one or two organizations.  It therefore also adds oversight so that
> people can have a say in how that money is being spent.
> Currently, we have exactly the situation that you say that is problematic,
> except to an even stronger degree because we have no collective funds to
> speak of and are essentially entirely dependent on whatever someone with
> funding implements.
> What role for the community do you perceive exists now which would become
> secondary under this model?

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