rotation/term limits: Was: [OpenAFS] Foundation Plan redux

Derrick Brashear
Thu, 30 Oct 2008 13:36:35 -0400

> In the proposal, there are at least three different leadership bodies,
> board, TAC, project leaders in the organization structure Derrick has
> proposed.

The board isn't really directly technical, at least in the sense of
being responsible for technical decisions of the project (or of
related projects which might find a home under the foundation
umbrella; for instance if any of the libraries being used in the
extended callback enhancement work needed a home and would be made
available for general use, it would be of tremendous benefit to
OpenAFS to have those continue to be maintained and developed, but not
all users of those libraries would want or need to be involved in
other OpenAFS efforts; Another TAC could be convened for that
project). Their duty is to ensure the corporation would fulfill all
legal responsibilities, and obligations and expectations of its

The Technical Advisory Council, why would you want term limits? One
presumes people who are donating money aren't just throwing the money
away and will be intelligent about putting their best-qualified people
towards stewarding what they've provided. Likewise, the elected
community members will I assume not get re-elected if they are not
serving their constituency. In that regard a term limit restricts the
freedom of members to vote for those they feel best represent their
views and are interested in serving.

As to the project leaders, they are subject to recall and additional
members being added to their ranks, but a term would be "as long as
they continue to be of use to the community", effectively.

speaking for myself only