[OpenAFS] On contributor agreements

Buhrmaster, Gary gtb@slac.stanford.edu
Thu, 4 Sep 2008 16:06:24 -0700

> As we move to make OpenAFS exist as a legal entity, this process needs
> to be formalized. One possibility would be to have a contributor
> agreement, similar to existing agreements from other projects, which
> at minimum any committer would need to sign. However there may be
> benefit in having any member of the foundation sign the agreement as a
> condition to membership (and thus making it easier to provide
> resources to all members as the capability to do so is possible).
> So, 2 questions for the community would be,
> 1) would you find a contributor agreement tenable (and what would make
> it not tenable for either you or your employer)
> 2) would having all members of the foundation sign one as a condition
> of membership (where "sign" may not necessarily involve paper or
> physical copies, if that can be made to work) be an issue?

Would a more lightweight process be acceptable, in
that any code needs to be accompanied by the
equivalent of the Linux "Developers Certificate
of Origin" signoff (by the developer)?

That puts the onerous on the submitters to insure
that their submissions meets their (and/or their
employers) requirements.