[OpenAFS] 'vos' command dos not finish, file service works ok (sort of), in another cell

Jose Calhariz jose.calhariz@tagus.ist.utl.pt
Mon, 8 Sep 2008 22:50:57 +0100

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I have a similar problem in a similar setup.  'vos' commands that
manipulate VLDB don't finish.  My setup is Two AFSDB servers running Debian
stable with the lowest IPs + 3 older AFSDB servers.  6 Fileservers,
some of them in the same machines than the AFSDB servers.

My own research have show that one of VL Server was restarting with
signal 6, if I remember well.  After the restart the server it don't
see more messages like that.

I can do 'udebug server 7003' for all the servers, the server with the
lowest IP have the following fragment:

I am sync site until 57 secs from now (at Mon Sep  8 22:28:18 2008) (5 serv=
Recovery state 1f
I am currently managing write trans 0.4852
Sync site's db version is 1220892297.1
0 locked pages, 0 of them for write
There are write locks held
There is an active write transaction
Transaction tid is 0.0

No other AFSDB servers says they have write locks.

The best way is to restart this server?  As this AFSDB server is a big
fileserver, I expect that a restart will put almost half my users
volumes down for 2 hours.  If everything goes OK.

I seek advice, as in the other thread everything went fine with the
rebuild of the faulty AFSDB server.

       Jos=E9 Calhariz

"640K ser=E3o suficientes para todo mundo"

-- Bill Gates circa 1981

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