[OpenAFS] File Server appears to stop responding

Randy Kemp rkemp@srhs.net
Mon, 29 Sep 2008 02:11:50 -0400

Harald Barth wrote:
>> I've been experiencing a problem where fileserver appears to simply
>> stop responding to requests. I currently only have one AFS server
>> (OpenAFS version 1.4.7).
> OS?
Linux Kernel version 2.6.25.  I was running 2.6.24 when this problem 
> What parameters do you start the fileserver with?
No parameters currently.  Perhaps that's part of my problem.  I've done 
some research on the fileserver parameters and will see if tweaking 
those improves things.
>> I have to completely reboot the server to resolve it. 
> Hm. What is not freed correctly?
Exactly, that's the strange part.
>> This log was generated after I restarted fileserver and it still wasn't working.
> The "CallPreamble: Couldn't get CPS. Too many lockers" indicates that
> the fileserver can not send any rx calls any more. The question now is
> how it got into that state and why restarting (other than reboot) does
> not clear it.
Thanks for explaining that.  Now I just need to figure out why.  I 
unfortunately won't have a large number of users to test with for a 
couple of weeks.

Randy Kemp