[OpenAFS] Tips for usin on LAN

Felix Frank Felix.Frank@Desy.de
Mon, 03 Aug 2009 09:31:21 +0200

> Object storage is an advanced AFS topic. I recommend getting a normal
> OpenAFS cell working well and getting some experience before adding
> object storage to the mix.

Exactly. To be more specific: Yes, OSD is proven to raise performance
under certain preconditions. However
 * the OSD variant has no own Windows support. Windows will be supported
as soon as OSD has been fully integrated into OpenAFS proper, which is
work in progress. Windows clients will function, but cannot gain any
performance advantages.
 * OSD will not at all be helpful with your locking needs.
 * it will only be advantageous performance-wise if you have already run
into server-side(!) limitations that AFS's original means cannot handle
by themselves. This usually will not happen until you make very
extensive usage of your AFS service.

Concerning the new approach of using fast data back ends such as Lustre
for bulk data is indeed quite advanced and only seasoned users are
encouraged to give it a try. It has also not yet been discussed whether
Windows support is feasible for this option.

 - Felix