[OpenAFS] "Constant" disk writing

Jeffrey Altman jaltman@secure-endpoints.com
Mon, 10 Aug 2009 06:53:02 -0400

I'm just wondering.  Why do you believe that the file server
(or other) processes are writing to your volumes as opposed to
reading from them or writing to log (or other) files?

John W Higgins wrote:
> Morning Everyone,
> I'm setting up my first OpenAFS server (which is just a small thing
> running on a home system) and I'm wondering why the fileserver process
> keeps waking up every 10 seconds and writing a small amount of data to
> my volumes.
> This system doesn't do much 8+ hours a day and I'd rather not have it
> "constantly" writing to disk for no apparant reason if I can avoid it.
> Is this something that I can configure the wakeup interval for? I get
> that "constantly" is a very poor term here but it would prevent my disks
> from sleeping so it's in that vain that I'm using the term here :)
> I imagine this information is someplace in the manuals but I couldn't
> find the right keywords to search against.
> Thanks for any assistance
> John