[OpenAFS] AFS to NFS translator in Linux

Daniel Richard G. danielg@teragram.com
Tue, 10 Feb 2009 15:00:36 -0500

> Where can I find some information on how to use the
> AFS->NFS translator on
> Linux?  (Does it even exist?)

My understanding is that the translator currently does not work on Linux. (I 
do believe it works on Solaris.)

> Basically, I'm looking for read-only access, in
> situations where it's either
> inconvenient or impossible to compile the AFS kernel
> modules; I have a couple
> of systems where the module compiles OK, but doesn't
> load.  (Namely OpenSUSE
> 11.1, using packages from build.opensuse.org)

We use UNFS3 (http://unfs3.sf.net/) for this exact purpose, exporting to a 
number of old-school Unix systems. I added proper AFS FID support to it 
recently, so that its filehandle cache plays well with AFS. We run it via 
kstart so that it keeps the tickets/tokens required to read what it needs out 
of AFS.

I've been meaning to send a note about this to the list, to let folks know 
about this new AFS->NFS option on Linux. If any AFS gurus could have a peek at 
afssupport.c in the codebase, I would be grateful for any feedback on the