[OpenAFS] move RO volume

Glenn Bjorcken glenn@kth.se
Mon, 02 Feb 2009 16:19:20 +0100

Chaz Chandler wrote:

>You could do it another way: vos dump from source partition and vos rest=
ore to
>destination.  But generally the easiest way is addsite/remsite.
>Note that vos remsite is the command to remove an RO volume, not vos rem=
> =20
Well, if you do that you just remove it from the VLDB, and leave the=20
actual volume on the server, and usally thats not what you want to do.
(even if it can be in special cases.)

If I want to move a RO copy I first do a vos addsite, then  vos release=20
and then vos remove on the old site.

>The order doesn't matter, but you would vos addsite the volume on the de=
>partition and (optionally) vos remsite the volume on the source partitio=
>It's generally best to keep your RW and RO volume on the same partition =
if disk space is
>an issue.
> =20
Its probably depends on what you are using RO volumes for, but I would=20
say that you usally want both a RO copy on
the same partition (its basically free) and then another RO copy on=20
another fileserver, or at least another partition.

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