[OpenAFS] Registering a new OpenAFS SYS_NAME_ID

Kevin Sumner ksumner@email.unc.edu
Tue, 24 Feb 2009 10:43:07 -0500

Does OpenAFS not adhere strictly to that list at Grand Central, or is that list 
in need of updating to reflect newer registrations?  Or am I missing something 
else entirely?

I'm asking because OpenAFS on my two workstations reports "amd64_linux26" and 
"i386_linux26" -- no *_linux26 entries are listed at all.  IIRC the *_linux26 
scheme has been the default in Linux 2.6 builds for quite a while.  And while I 
don't have a box with OpenAFS on Solaris in front of me, I think Solaris 10 on 
Sparc defaults to sun4x_510.

Just curious.

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Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> The AFS Assigned Numbers Registry is implementation independent
> and is maintained at
>   http://www.central.org/pages/numbers/systypes.html
> At the bottom of the page is listed a registration policy.
> Requests should be sent to registrar at grand.central.org
> Feel free to send a patch with your OpenAFS changes to
> openafs-bugs@openafs.org.
> Thank you.
> Jeffrey Altman
> John Betts wrote:
>> I recently created a port for 32bit sparc_linux26 with
>> SYS_NAME_ID_sparc_linux26    1703. (OpenAFS 1.5.57)
>> In the interests of not having to reconfigure and compile later if there
>> was another sysname with ID 1703, how could we make this "official" ?
>> In short I copied and modified:
>>     param.sparc_linux24.h to param.sparc_linux26.h
>> edited to add sparc_linux26 definitions as appropriate in:
>>     acinclude.m4
>>     aclocal.m4
>>     libafs/MakefileProto.LINUX.in
>>     ./src/cf/osconf.m4
>> (And I can't remember if it was configure or myself that modified:
>>     src/config/afs_sysnames.h
>>     src/cofnig/afsconfig.h
>> )
>> Thanks in advance
>> JB
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