[OpenAFS] Re: "smbclient" for AFS?

Anders Magnusson ragge@ltu.se
Tue, 10 Mar 2009 09:20:29 +0100

Andrew Deason wrote:
> On Sat, 28 Feb 2009 17:44:12 +0100
> Anders Magnusson <ragge@ltu.se> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> quick question before I go deeper into it:  Does it exist something
>> similar to "smbclient" for AFS?
>> For those who don't know; it's like an ftp client but for smb.  I want
>> something that do not need
>> the kernel stuff to access AFS space.
> In addition to what Harald mentioned:
> There's a program in /src/tests/ called `afscp` that can be built if
> you download the openafs source, configure, make, then
> `cd src/tests ; make afscp`. Unauthenticated access only, though, and
> doesn't cache anything.
Great, this is close to what I want.  Thanks!
...I need it for backup purposes to get files directly out of afs space, 
so it's actually
the C code I was looking for :-)

I looked at arla-cli also but it is a complete afs client (with cache) 
so it's a little bit
too much stuff for my needs.

-- Ragge