[OpenAFS] Windows XP OpenAFS 1.5.66 UNC paths not working

Jeffrey Altman jaltman@secure-endpoints.com
Mon, 23 Nov 2009 15:26:19 -0500

John W. Sopko Jr. wrote:

> Why is it a bug? Is the plan to eventually use the SRV record
> in place of the AFSDB record for clients?
>> If the site relies on AFSDB records, either
>> stick with 1.5.65 or add the new DNS SRV records for
>>   _afs3-vlserver._udp.<cellname> IN SRV 0 0 7003
> We added the SRV record and things seem to be working. I am using
> on a 1.5.66 with KFW.

It is a bug because the 1.5.66 client doesn't work when the AFSDB
records are all that is available.  DNS SRV records are the future but
we don't want to break sites that do not deploy them.