[OpenAFS] Re: Ubik problem

Rainer Toebbicke rtb@pclella.cern.ch
Wed, 14 Apr 2010 14:52:32 +0200

Atro Tossavainen schrieb:
> OK, I have it again.  User reports inability to log in.
> $ kas -a dsakfksda
> Administrator's (dsakfksda) Password: 
> ka> exa useraccount
> examine: ticket contained unknown key version number getting information for useraccount.

One of your DB servers has an incorrect /usr/afs/etc/KeyFile (in 
Transarc-naming, if you use the /var/openafs style it's accordingly).

Very likely you added a new key but did not propagate the KeyFile everywhere. 
"bos listkey <servername>" should help.

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