[OpenAFS] fix about info.numServers ?

Fabien COMBERNOUS fcombernous@kezia.com
Thu, 15 Apr 2010 09:24:38 +0200


I'm setting up an AFS cell with MacOSX. My first server of the cell is 
up and running. I started to setup an additional host. Unfortunatly, 
during this setup, i killed the fileserver process with the kill 
command. And now the bosserver think that a fileserver is running i 
think. I get this log in FileLog :

Thu Apr 15 09:18:57 2010 File server starting
Thu Apr 15 09:18:57 2010 Failed to increase open file limit, using default
Thu Apr 15 09:18:57 2010 vl_Initialize: info.numServers=26052 (> 

Can you provide help to fix this issue.

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