[OpenAFS] is this what windows folks call "integrated login"?

Dale Pontius pontius@btv.ibm.com
Mon, 23 Aug 2010 11:43:15 -0400

 On 08/21/10 19:03, Adam Megacz wrote:
> I have a MacOS laptop.  My username and local password on the laptop
> happen to match my kerberos username and password.  My kerberos tickets
> expire after 10 hours, but are renewable for 10 *days*.
> It occurred to me that it would be nifty if my laptop acquired kerberos
> tickets for me when I logged in (during the brief window when my
> un-hashed password is present in laptop RAM), and made an attempt to
> renew them once an hour (if connected to the network).  This would save
> me having to do a separate kinit after logging in, and having to
> re-kinit every 10 hours.  I've got a screensaver lock and encrypt my
> swapfile, so I'm not too worried about physical theft issues resulting
> in ticket theft.
> Is there a piece of software that does this?  It's been a long, long
> time since I used Windows, but it sounds like this feature is what the
> Windows client calls "integrated login".  Or maybe not.  Either way, is
> there a way to get MacOS to do this?
Be very careful of an integrated login on a laptop.  I set up to have
(sometimes) integrated login on Linux, and it can be problematic if you
try to login while away from the network where your AFS server resides -
as in a really looooong timeout.  I don't know if this is standard
behavior for Windows or MacOS integrated logins, and for that matter I
don't know if this is even the current behavior for an integrated login
under Linux, any more.  I just know that when I first set things up
under Linux, if the server wasn't available, only root could login.

I'm not using Gnome or KDE.  I have scripts that integrate and
dis-integrate my login, based on what network I've attached to.

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