[OpenAFS] asetkey complains about keylength.

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
Tue, 31 Aug 2010 14:02:52 -0700

Mans Nilsson <mansaxel@besserwisser.org> writes:

> I'm setting up a new cell on Solaris, using self-built My kdc
> is Heimdal. When trying to create a KeyFile from the ktutil-gotten file,
> asetkey complains that

> Key length should be 8, but is really 1

Are you sure that the key you created is DES-only?

Also, if you're using Heimdal, you don't need asetkey (or aklog).  Heimdal
comes with tools that can handle this.  Use the Heimdal kadmin program's
ext_keytab command to create the keytab and give the filename as:


and Heimdal can write out that format directly.

> asetkey and aklog were built after manually adding
> -I/usr/heimdal/include and -lkrb5 to compilation invocations, since the
> usual tricks did not work. 

This should be fixed in 1.5.

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