[OpenAFS] OpenAFS Client Service stopping on smb_LanAdapterChangeThread thread creation failure

Jeffrey Altman jaltman@secure-endpoints.com
Sat, 11 Dec 2010 06:37:38 -0600

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On 12/10/2010 4:45 PM, Kevin Sumner wrote:
> Hi guys,
> This week, I did a clean install of Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit on a
> somewhat older laptop, patched it up, joined it to AD, antivirus, etc.
>  I installed of the OpenAFS  1.5.78 client from the .EXE, then
> installed KfW 3.2.2 on top, configured them for our Kerberos realm and
> AFS cell (isis.unc.edu).  Nothing during the installation indicated an
> issue.
> On reboot, the AFS service tries to start up and crashes.  If I then
> go into the services list and start it manually, it will start up and
> run along merrily until the next reboot; I'm able to work on files,
> etc. while it runs.  KfW gets tickets and (supposing the AFS service
> is running) tokens without a problem.
> I get the following AFS Client events in the system log:
> Information	12/10/2010 4:53:05 PM	AFS Client	4133	None
>   Security Level is Crypt.
> Information	12/10/2010 4:53:05 PM	AFS Client	4124	None
>   OpenAFS Start Pending.
> Information	12/10/2010 4:53:10 PM	AFS Client	4126	None
>   OpenAFS Running.
> Error	12/10/2010 4:54:13 PM	AFS Client	4130	None
>   OpenAFS Stopping due to error (smb.c:10295):
> smb_LanAdapterChangeThread thread creation failure.

The service is panicking because the request to create a new thread has

> I've already looked through the AFSLore WindowsTroubleshootingGuide
> (specifically Client Service-relevant entries) and I'm in the process
> of gathering trace logs and such as suggested by the Release Notes.

There is no log information currently collected that can be used to
identify the cause of the thread creation failure.  I will have to
create a private build for you can collects the last error.  If I had to
take a guess though I would say it is related to the anti-virus process.

Jeffrey Altman

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