[OpenAFS] Do Not Get 'Drive Letters' or 'Advanced' Tabs

Stephen Shuma sshuma@us.ibm.com
Mon, 20 Dec 2010 15:34:05 -0500

I am trying to install openafs 1.5.78 on a ThinkPad T400 with XP.  Today I
tried the 32-bit EXE installer -- but in the past I've tried the others as
well (on older versions of openafs).  The install completes without error
-- but when I open the AFS Client I see only a 'Tokens' tab -- no 'Drive
Letters' or 'Advanced' tabs.  So I cannot complete the setup.  I also do
not see my id in the 'Currently logged on to Windows Networking as' line...

I'm working from setup instructions from a co-worker, and am admittedly a
novice.  But I have pulled in some experienced co-workers who walked
through the installation with me, and cannot figure out what is going
wrong.  We have tried just accepting all of the default selections upon
install -- as well as editing them.

Any ideas?