[OpenAFS] Anyone got a howto on tuning for a high latency network?

Chas Williams (CONTRACTOR) chas@cmf.nrl.navy.mil
Tue, 21 Dec 2010 06:34:02 -0500

In a message "Assarsson, Emil" wrote:
> I'm struggling with performance issues on a 300ms network link. Do
> anyone got a suggestion on how to tune this to its best?

you dont mention the available bandwidth across this link.  generally,
you are going to need atleast a BW*DELAY window in order to get full
link speed performance.  300ms is quite far and for even a slow link
like 100Mb/s, this works out to about 3.5MB or about 2500 rx packets.
(300ms is like halfway around the world and then some).

i think the current max window size on afs is something like 32 packets.
what is your current performance?  it might already be the max without
recompiling to increase the window sizes.