[OpenAFS] disconnected operation in new release

olin.afs.7ia@shivers.mail0.org olin.afs.7ia@shivers.mail0.org
Tue, 09 Feb 2010 16:14:21 -0500

Simon Wilkinson wrote:
> It's only in the 1.5 development series, and there isn't much documentation
> currently available. Here's a quick summary [...]

Thanks for the information; I really appreciate it!

> The one caveat, currently, is that your cache is not preserved across
> reboots. If you reboot, or if your machine crashes, before you go back
> online, then any changes you made locally will be lost.

Ouch, that's pretty scary. The odds of a shutdown go up when I'm mobile --
I could run out of power, for example.

What are the odds that the cache can be made to stay good across a reboot
in, say, the next 6 months? 

What I've wanted for years is the ability to have a "cache" of my home dir
that's actually larger than my home dir, so my notebook and my office machine
would just have two identical views onto the same home directory, yet I could
work disconnected. (I've tried coda once a year for the last five years, but
it doesn't really stand up under modern use-case assumptions.) If this issue
were fixed, I'd give it a try on AFS.