[OpenAFS] Setting the BOS Server's Restart Times

Gary Gatling gsgatlin@eos.ncsu.edu
Mon, 11 Jan 2010 13:48:29 -0500 (EST)


We run several openafs servers at NCSU on Solaris 10 and Red Hat 
Enterprise Linux.

By default, the servers restart every Sunday morning at 4:00am. This was 
not a problem until we asked another group to take over our backups. They 
are saying that the server restarts are causing problems with the backups 
because of the schedule.

My boss mentioned that the restart feature was added in transarc 3.2. We 
are running openAFS 1.4.11.

Is the restart still needed? If we don't have a restart will we see memory 
leaks? Do other organizations have experience with turning the restart 
off? Did it hurt anything having it turned off? Anyone doing longer 
restarts by using crons to kick off the restarts like once per month 
instead of once per week in the BosConfig file? Would doing that be a bad 


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