[OpenAFS] Re: Document segment on NFS to AFS server

Buhrmaster, Gary gtb@slac.stanford.edu
Fri, 5 Mar 2010 08:15:32 -0800

> There's a version for Solaris, which was last believed to work (I
> don't know of anyone who runs it, though).  ....

Given NFS' lack of any strong authentication, I would have
expected that it always had a limited targeted audience.

> ... There's also a Linux
> version, which is in 1.5.x, but which won't work in current Linux
> kernels because it's fallen foul of the whole GPL'd symbols mess (the
> way we'd find out the UID of incoming requests was ... exciting, to
> say the least, and is no longer available to us)

Should the roadmap plan indicate an official dropping of
knfs functionality in the next major release?  At a minimum,
if an organization needs it they should be informed that
they have to consider putting appropriate resources into
the project to continue its viability.=20