[OpenAFS] significant delay for afs user to login as root via su

Achim Gsell achim.gsell@psi.ch
Thu, 18 Mar 2010 14:34:17 +0100

On Mar 18, 2010, at 2:17 PM, ematlis@yahoo.com wrote:

> I see what you are saying, but how would you handle a scenario with =
thousands of people (university students) accessing hundreds of =
computers in labs all over campus which they are not responsible for and =
cannot be bothered to manage?  Is there a way of automatically forcing =
.XAuthority to reside in /tmp?

Actually I don't know ...=20

We solved this problem (with ScientificLinux 4 and 5) by skipping =
pam_xauth.so for users with home directories on AFS. The disadvantage =
is, that this users cannot run X11-programms after calling su.