[OpenAFS] How do I install on freebsd?

Deon George deon.george@gmail.com
Thu, 25 Mar 2010 14:18:39 +1100

I'm very new to FreeBSD, but have been using Linux for many, many years...

I have also been using openafs on Linux/windows for many many years, and 
thought I'd try out a FreeBSD machine, and make it a client. (There is 
method to my madness...)

I got hold of openafs-1.4.8-fbsd70_dest.tar.gz, but have no idea how to 
install it - I am under the understanding that it is a binary release. 
(Dont really want to go through compiling a client...)

Are there step/by/step instructions somewhere. I tried ot use pkg_add, 
but it complains that there is no CONTENTS file...

Appreciate some pointers.