[OpenAFS] Seamless adding of a replication server

"Karl Tißner" tissner@gmx.de
Mon, 03 May 2010 11:34:18 +0200


I am looking for a tutorial or a step-to-step instruction for adding a replication server to an existing singe OpenAFS server installation. This is an heavily used production server, and so I am a bit afraid of doing something wrong (losing the VLDB, for example).

The existing documentation I found explains the replication, if more than one server already exists, or the installation of a standalone new server. But how do I seamless integrate a new server in my cell?

We use Debian 5/6, which is delivered with helpful scripts afs-newcell  afs-rootvol. But - do I have to install the "afs-newcell" (I do dot want a new cell, I already have one), do I have to call "afs-rootvol" (I dont need a new root.afs, I want to replicate the other one, or is this wrong?). When do I have to call the "bos addhost" command? I am quite unsure, as you can see ... 
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