[OpenAFS] Low load on multi core fileserver

Frank Burkhardt fbo2@gmx.net
Mon, 3 May 2010 15:09:25 +0200

Hi AFS-Fans,

is the openafs-fileserver supposed to take advantage of multiple cpu cores?

I got a new big server which I tried to use as a afs-fileserver (just for
fun - the server will be dedicated to something else later). However, 7 of
its 8 cores seems to idle all the time - even when 7 afs-clients are writing
data into volumes on harddisks attached to the server. BTW: There's one
harddisc per volume.

The network seems not to be a bottleneck - performance varies between 10 and
20 MB/s on a 1GBit-Link.

I admit to have a rather old Openafs version (1.4.10). Is there a chance to
increase utilisation of this server? Will upgrading to 1.4.12 fix this?

The server runs Debian Lenny without further modifications - kernel is
2.6.26 (x86_64).

Thank you for any help.