[OpenAFS] Directory Permissions

Cory Puckett corypuckett@depauw.edu
Wed, 01 Sep 2010 09:35:35 -0400

  When trying to set permissions on the working directory (a student's 
directory) using

# fs sa . rjacobs rlidwka

I get the error

fs: Invalid argument, possible reasons include:
     -file not in AFS
     -Too many users on access control list
     -Tried to add non-existent user to access control list

The directory I am trying to change is the student's home directory. I 
am trying to give him access because when he logs in it tells him he 
does not have permissions to access his home directory. I have been able 
to log in as the student so I know that he is an existing user. there 
are only two other people on the access control list (he is not on 
there). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cory Puckett
Computer Science Technology
and Lab Coordinator
Depauw University