[OpenAFS] Windows 7 and the loopback adapter problem revisited

Jeffrey Altman jaltman@secure-endpoints.com
Fri, 03 Sep 2010 16:30:49 -0400

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On 9/3/2010 4:22 PM, Rick Cochran wrote:
> Somebody here suggested disabling SMB 2.  That sounds like a good idea
> to me since I think the introduction of SMB 2 corresponds to when the
> OpenAFS problem started.  But I'm not in a position to try this myself
> at the moment.

SMB2 was introduced with Vista.  This problem did not occur until after
the beta releases of Win7.  The OpenAFS SMB server doesn't advertise
SMB2 and SMB1.2 which is used by the OpenAFS SMB server requires a
different client than the SMB2 client in the Windows kernel.

The problem isn't even SMB related.  The Netbios Name registration that
is published by the OpenAFS SMB server and which is visible using
"nbtstat -n" cannot be resolved by any application that is attempting
the resolve the Netbios name.  This name resolution processing occurs in
a network subsystem that is called by the SMB redirector.  As a result I
strongly doubt that the problem, whatever it is, is in fact related to
SMB at all.

Jeffrey Altman

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