[OpenAFS] Re: VMware and AFS

Steve Devine sd@msu.edu
Thu, 16 Sep 2010 12:24:24 -0400

  On 9/16/10 12:01 PM, openafs-info-request@openafs.org wrote:
>> >  We are running an Ubuntu server "Ubuntu 8.04.4 LTS" with the OpenAFS
>> >  1.4.11 client on a VM guest. This works great except over time the afs
>> >  client wedges the server - (Ram gets consumed).
> Technically I have some clients in VMware guests, but it's not like
> they're particularly loaded or anything. The VM becomes completely hung;
> not even a panic message or anything on the console? If you can get
> vmware to send it an alt-sysrq-t or alt-sysrq-w, does it not print
> anything?
> Can you run cmdebug from another machine, pointed to the server that's
> hanging?
> -- Andrew Deason adeason@sinenomine.net
I will try cmdebug the next time it hangs. When this happens I can ssh 
into the machine but a graceful restart is impossible because it will 
not umount /afs
Also if I try to ls /afs that will hang because there is nothing there 
This is a web based front end server running UofM's Mfiles app and 
apache modwaklog.
This gives users access to their home AFS volumes via a web browser.
When it wedges again I will see if I can get apache to shut down and 
then try a restart of the AFS client.

Steve Devine
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