[OpenAFS] MS Access databases on AFS

Richard Heggs richard@ingenitor.net
Wed, 22 Sep 2010 17:50:42 +0100

Hi Dirk,

Yes, I agree with everything you say.  As I said in my first post, I  
am working on a replacement) with PostgreSQL at the back and a web  
frontend). That is some months away to completion, though, and they  
need a temporary solution *now*.

I was horrified when I learned that they were keeping critical data in  
a MS Access database.  And even more horrified when I learned that it  
was backed up "whenever someone remembers"!


Quoting Dirk Heinrichs <dirk.heinrichs@altum.de>:

> Am 22.09.2010 18:38, schrieb Richard Heggs:
>> I remember reading severe warnings and dire imprecations about putting
>> MS Access databases on AFS filesystems, about 5 years ago.  Is it still
>> considered dangerous?
>> The server is running 1.4.11 on Linux.
>> The clients are XP (and shortly Win 7), and will shortly be upgraded to
>> 1.5.77
>> Any advice would be appreciated.
> First, I wouldn't consider Access a database, since real database allows
> concurrent access etc. Having said that, did you consider putting your
> data into a real RDBMS (PostgreSQL, for example) and use Access as a
> frontend only (via ODBC)?
> HTH...
> 	Dirk