[OpenAFS] Overview? Linux filesystem choices

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
Tue, 28 Sep 2010 12:49:59 -0700

Jeff Blaine <jblaine@kickflop.net> writes:

> What's the tried-and-true production-quality Linux equivalent?
> Anything?  Last I read, nothing.

There's nothing really equivalent to ZFS.

> Barring an equivalent, what Linux setup...

>   a) seems most stable
>   b) is fsck-less

> Even quick grunt responses are appreciated.

We use ext3.  It isn't the fastest or the most featureful, but it's the
core file system that everyone uses on Linux and for us it's been rock
solid.  You're the least likely to run into strange problems.

Lots of people also use XFS, and it should be reasonably stable.  I would
avoid ReiserFS and JFS due to lack of developers and widespread use.

ext4 is getting to the point that it's mature enough to use, but I'm not
sure I'd trust it yet.

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