[OpenAFS] Overview? Linux filesystem choices

Robert Milkowski milek@task.gda.pl
Thu, 30 Sep 2010 21:00:38 +0100

On 30/09/2010 15:12, Andy Cobaugh wrote:
> I don't think anybody has mentioned the block level compression in ZFS 
> yet. With simple lzjb compression (zfs set compression=on foo), our 
> AFS home directories see ~1.75x compression. That's an extra 1-2TB of 
> disk that we don't need to store. Of course that makes balancing vice 
> partitions interesting when you can only see the compression ratio at 
> the filesystem level and not the volume level.
> Checksums are nice too. There's no longer a question of whether your 
> storage hardware wrote what you wanted it to write. This can go a long 
> way to helping to predict failures if you run zpool scrub on a regular 
> basis (otherwise, zfs only detects checksum mismatches upon read, 
> scrub checks the whole pool).
> So, just to add us to the list, we're either ext3 on linux for small 
> stuff (<10TB), and zfs on solaris for everything else. Will probably 
> consider XFS in the future, however.

Why not ZFS on Solaris x86 for "smaller stuff" as well?

Robert Milkowski