[OpenAFS] Win7 64-bit not getting tokens on login

Wayne Greene wayne_greene@unc.edu
Mon, 15 Aug 2011 22:01:44 -0400

I recently started using the Windows (WAIK) rather than Symantec Ghost 
imaging method to create images to apply to our systems. It works well 
except that I can no longer gain AFS tokens on login on the Windows 
64-bit domain machines. I'm using MIT Kerberos 3.22 with the NetID 
Manager included, and the latest 64-bit 1.5.9906 package with the 32-bit 
tools installed. We can gain tokens by using the "Obtain new 
Credentials" choice from the "Credential" menu choice. This lack of 
credentials on login doesn't occur with the 32-bit image. Is anyone else 
out there seeing this and does anybody know if there a fix for it or 
more clues to lead to a fix? More details can be provided as necessary. 

Wayne Greene
Computer Services
UNC Computer Science