[OpenAFS] Deleted db servers still being queried

Jaap Winius jwinius@umrk.nl
Tue, 23 Aug 2011 03:25:03 +0200

Hi folks,

My AFS network used to have six hosts: thee db servers and three fs  
servers. Thinking that I might be able to end some unexplained  
behavior, I decided to consolidate them and have three hosts.

I did this by creating a new db server on each fs server host and then  
deleting the db server that was closest to it. I deleted the old db  
servers by applying both the "bos removehost" command to each of the  
existing servers,"vos changeaddr" to remove the old IP addresses from  
the VLDB, as well as to restart each server after the entries had been  

However, I must not have done this in the correct order or made a  
mistake, because even though the system seems to behave properly, I  
see evidence that the old db servers are still being queried. This  
despite the fact that they do not exist in any of the CellServDB  
files, or even the BosConfig files.

Can anyone suggest steps that I might take to get rid of these old entries?

Both "bos listhosts" on the different hosts and "vos listaddrs" do not  
show the old addresses, plus I've also tried shutting down all of the  
servers and then stating them up again. But, none of that makes any  
difference. Where could these old IP addresses be hiding?