[OpenAFS] OpenAFS inconsistent behavior - Windows 7 32 bit

Jeffrey Altman jaltman@secure-endpoints.com
Tue, 23 Aug 2011 16:38:36 -0400

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On 8/23/2011 3:20 PM, Dvorkin, Asya wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I've been working on getting OpenAFS to work on Windows 7 32 bit and ha=
ving some issues.  A little bit about the system:
> Virtual Machine running on Mac (tested on a desktop as well with simila=
r results)
> Windows 7 32bit fully patched.
> OpenAFS - 1.5.9906
> MIT Kerberos -
> My problem that it works very inconsistently.  It's working (case 1) I =
reboot and all of a sudden it stops working (case 2).  Could it be relate=
d to the network performance?  There is also a third case where it can't =
even successfully get initial kerberos credentials (case 3).  All logs ar=
e below.  Did anyone get OpenAFS work properly on Windows 7 32 bit?  Than=
k you for all your help.

The logs you are quoting are Network Identity Manager logs.  Network
Identity Manager is an application that runs within the user logon
session.  OpenAFS will always have started prior to the logon session
desktop appears.

Kerberos authentication must always occur after OpenAFS starts.  If
OpenAFS has not started, there is no service with which to register AFS

I suggest you read the OpenAFS for Windows Release Notes that are
installed on your Windows system along with OpenAFS.  In particular,
read the Troubleshooting section.   It describes the various logs used
by OpenAFS and the tools you can use to assist with debugging.

Jeffrey Altman

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