[OpenAFS] RE: OpenAFS-info digest, Vol 1 #5201 - 10 msgs

sabah s. salih sabah.salih@hep.manchester.ac.uk
Wed, 2 Feb 2011 13:59:03 +0000

Dear All,=0A=
            Does anyone know how to fix cache manager problem?=0A=
 When I do the following=0A=
udebug afs1.hep.man.ac.uk 7001=0A=
udebug afs2.hep.man.ac.uk 7001 =0A=
udebug afs3.hep.man.ac.uk 7001=0A=
 I do not get an answer=0A=
  Many Thanks, Sabah.=0A=
>From Sabah Salih=0A=
The School of Physics and Astronomy,=0A=
The University of Manchester,=0A=
Schuster Laboratory,=0A=
Brunswick Street,=0A=
Manchester M13 9PL.=0A=
Tel: +44 1612754171 or  x4171=0A=
E-mail: sabah.salih@hep.manchester.ac.uk=