[OpenAFS] failover 1.6.0pre2 dafs

Derrick Brashear shadow@gmail.com
Sun, 27 Feb 2011 14:15:25 -0500

2011/2/27 G=E9mes G=E9za <geza@kzsdabas.hu>:
> Hi,
> I plan to run my two (1.6.0) openafs servers (both are vl pt vol and dafs
> servers) in a failover configuration (the failover supervised by a
> redhat-cluster installation). The data is on a SAN which is attached to b=
> servers.
> I plan to define a service for both nodes with its own ip address and
> partitions. On normal operation node1 is going to have ip address
> and all the partitions from vicepa to vicep... and node2 is
> going to have ip address If any of the nodes would fail the
> service would get transfered to the other node, thus receiving its
> partitions and ip address. With Netrestrict files will restrict the ip
> addresses the pt vl and fileserver components can bind to those defined a=
> the clustering ( and The startup of any of the
> services (on any of the nodes) would mean a complete restart of all of th=
> services controlled by bos. I also plan to put fsstate.dat of the service
> running normally on node1 on shared storage.

that only works for a hot failover. if the server dies, you have no
data to read back.

also, you need to make sure the uuid is the same, and that only one
server can ever answer
(only one ip address is allowed to have a reachable afs server)

> Please tell me if I've overlooked anything. Won't get the the vl and pt
> server confused from running on both addresses declared in CellServDB in
> case of failover?

that's a bad way to handle the database servers at all. CellServDB has
no mechanism to list 2 addresses for one server, and if you list both,
they are not the same server.
if you have exactly one server, listed twice, the one with the higher
IP will simply never be able to be written to.

is allocating more servers an impossibility?