[OpenAFS] Re: Solaris 10 SPARC hang on shutdown

Andrew Deason adeason@sinenomine.net
Mon, 28 Feb 2011 16:40:08 -0600

On Mon, 28 Feb 2011 14:02:14 -0800
Patricia O'Reilly <oreilly@qualcomm.com> wrote:

> Reboot on Solaris will not work, period -- with or without the patch.

At your site, yes. Please try to keep in mind that many other places do
shutdown "normally" and this isn't a problem for them, so the
workarounds/solutions I am bringing up will work for them.

> We want our customers to be able to happily reboot. The alternative is
> that they bug us about how afs sucks and is preventing their machines
> from shutting down.

Well, try to tell them it's Solaris, because it is.

> Oracle gave our Solaris contact an appcert program to run on the afsd
> to see if it met their API specs on how a kernel app should behave.

That's probably just because we call syscall(), based on what I see
running it myself, which really doesn't have anything to do with this
(but it is a separate argument we've had with Oracle).

> We need Sun's reboot to make an exception in AFSes case and stop
> waiting indefinitely for afsd to go down.

You could ask them if there is any way we can mark them somehow to make
such a thing possible, without actually changing how the processes
start, which would make it easier to get this working. I don't expect
them to actually do anything to accomodate us, but it's one possible

Andrew Deason