[OpenAFS] Re: [OpenAFS-announce] AFS & Kerberos Best Practices Workshop 2011: June 13 to 17 - Registration Open

Chaz Chandler clc31@inbox.com
Wed, 01 Jun 2011 19:42:00 -0400

Will there be an 'offline' / 'view later' option for those of us unable to =
tune in to the events in real time?

Jeffrey Altman <jaltman=40secure-endpoints.com> wrote:

>The AFS and Kerberos Best Practices Workshop Committee is happy to
>announce that registration for the 2011 AFS and Kerberos Best Practices
>Workshop is now open.  As previously announced, this year's tutorials
>and workshop sessions will be held as an electronic conference which we
>hope will permit a broader range of attendees to participate in a year
>of reduced travel budgets.
>This year we have two new tutorial instructors with significantly
>updated course materials.  We welcome Kim Kimball as our new AFS
>instructor and Simon Wilkinson as our new Kerberos instructor.  Kim's
>experience as an AFS trainer dates back to his days with IBM/Transarc
>and Simon has been enabling application protocols to authenticate with
>Kerberos and GSS-API for nearly a decade.  Both have given numerous
>informational and entertaining talks at past workshops.
>  http://workshop.openafs.org/afsbpw11/afstut.html
>  http://workshop.openafs.org/afsbpw11/kerbtut.html
>The price for each is US=24100.00.
>The workshop sessions will include many of our most popular speakers:
>  Russ Allbery
>  Jeffrey Altman
>  Matt Benjamin
>  Derrick Brashear
>  Andrew Deason
>  Asanka Herath
>  Love Hornquist Astrand
>  Henry Hotz
>  Tom Keiser
>  Mike Meffie
>  Simon Wilkinson
>and will be hosted by Kim Kimball and Marshall Vale.  Topics include:
>  A History of AFS
>  AFS and Kerberos Project Status Reports
>  Obtaining AFS Credentials at login on MacOS X
>  Web Authentication
>  KX509 extensions
>  A practical guide to upgrading AFS from rxkad to rxgk security
>  Performance Benefits of the AFS Extended Callback model
>  Deploying the Demand Attach File Server (DAFS) - =5BNew in OpenAFS 1.6=5D
>  AFS RX Performance
>  Analyzing AFS Statistics
>  OpenAFS Futures
>and our two most popular panels will return:
>  Live Troubleshooting
>   - submit real world problems for live analysis
>  Stump the Experts
>   - ask anything related to Kerberos or AFS, get an answer
>Finally, the workshop would not be complete without the annual site
>reports in which attendees tell each other how Kerberos and AFS have
>been successfully deployed within their organizations.
>The price for the three days of workshop sessions is US=2460.00.
>The AFS and Kerberos Best Practices Workshop is appropriate for anyone
>that is responsible for deploying or curious about real world
>distributed computing environments.
>The 2011 AFS and Kerberos Best Practices Workshop is sponsored by Your
>File System, Inc. (http://www.your-file-system.com) and Secure
>Endpoints, Inc. (http://www.secure-endpoints.com).
>Please submit site reports and troubleshooting issues to
>Jeffrey Altman
>on behalf of the Workshop committee

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