[OpenAFS] Converted OpenAFS documentation to PDF for easy reference

kodiak@kfiresmith.com kodiak@kfiresmith.com
Wed, 22 Jun 2011 09:12:29 -0700

Hello AFS folks,
Not sure where to send these PDFs, so I figured I'd pass them along here.

A while back I went looking for the OpenAFS manuals in a mobile-friendly
format (pdf or epub) and found a few posts to this list of people asking
for PDFs and the AFS folks coming back saying, "Yea, we should do that",
but I never saw anyone post conversions.

I've stripped the manuals from the latest Windows client help files (chm
format), and confirmed that they are the same general docs available in
HTML format on docs.openafs.org.  I converted them using chm2pdf in book
format so that they look like the nice e-manuals they should be.

If these pdfs are well received, I think it would be nice if some AFS
person could re-host them on docs.openafs.org; in the mean time I have
them hosted myself at kfiresmith.com/pub.

Additionally if anyone can get me the .chm file that corresponds to the
"Unix Quick Start Guide" I'll happily convert and host that one as well.=20
(And maybe the Windows one if anyone even cares about that quick start.

 - Kodiak Firesmith