[OpenAFS] Error 11862791

Jeffrey Altman jaltman@secure-endpoints.com
Tue, 08 Mar 2011 10:41:11 -0500

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On 3/8/2011 10:01 AM, Ezra Keshet wrote:
> Dear OpenAFS community,
> I returned yesterday from a week-and-a-half long trip to find that my A=
FS set-up=20
> no longer works.  The AFS icon next to the NIM icon is now broken ("Ope=
> Service cannot be reached") and obtaining AFS tokens via NIM fails afte=
r a long=20
> wait.  Kerberos credentials are obtained almost immediately.  If I use =
> afscreds.exe program instead of the NIM, I receive the error 11862791. =
> the AFS control panel, everything looks fine -- it says that the Servic=
e is=20
> running.  I restarted my computer several times, to no avail.  I was ne=
ver able=20
> to obtain AFS tokens.
> I did some research on this list about the 11862791 error and Windows 7=
 (I run=20
> Win7 Ultimate).  It did not sound like I had the exact same problem, si=
nce most=20
> people reported losing AFS access after network changes, and mine actua=
lly did=20
> not work at all.  However, I decide to try upgrading to the latest prer=
> version of OpenAFS, which was supposed to help with the 11862791 proble=
m.  I am=20
> now running 1.5.9902, but the problem persists.
> Any suggestions or workarounds would be greatly appreciated, since I do=
 a large=20
> part of my work over AFS.  Also, please let me know if I can provide an=
y further=20
> information.  I do not know if AFS has log files, but given their locat=
ion, I=20
> could certainly send that info along as well.
> Thanks!
> Ezra

1.5.9902 (1.6.0pre2) corrects an error in OpenAFS that was aggravating a
bug that Microsoft introduced in Windows 7 that has yet to be resolved.
 All of the open cases that were filed with Microsoft on the issue were
closed because those organizations suffering from the Windows bug could
no longer reproduce it after deploying 1.5.9902.  Still the Microsoft
bug remains.  If you are in a position to request that Harvard open a
support case with Microsoft on this issue, that would be the most
helpful thing you can do.

The location of the log files are documented in the troubleshooting
section of the release notes which are installed on your system.  You
can access them via Start Menu->Programs->OpenAFS->Documentation.


would be the place to start.  You do not mention if you are experiencing
the problem with a wifi network or a wired network.  If you are
experiencing the problem with a wired network that and a static IP
address, then your problem is not the aforementioned Microsoft bug.
If afsd_init.log file indicates that a network change has occurred, then
it is most likely the Microsoft bug.

Jeffrey Altman

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