[OpenAFS] Opening files read-only when another process has a write-lock

Thomas Smith theitsmith@gmail.com
Fri, 18 Mar 2011 06:29:26 -0700


Is it possible to open files read-only when another process has a
write-lock? I found the following information regarding 1.5.20.


        Many applications on Windows (e.g. Microsoft Office) require
the use of byte range locks
        applied to a file either to protect against simultaneous file
access or as a signaling mechanism.
        OpenAFS for Windows release 1.5 (or greater) implements byte
range locking within the
        CIFS-AFS gateway server.   This support for byte range locking
obtains AFS=92 advisory file
        server locks to simulate Microsoft Windows mandatory locks.
When an application opens
        a file, a lock will be obtained from AFS indicating that the
file is in use.  If the lock is a write
        lock, access to the file will be restricted to other
applications running on the same machine
        as the first application to request the lock. Applications
running on other machines will see
        the AFS full file lock and will be unable to access the file.

Just wasn't sure if this is the current state things.

I'm on 1.4.12 on the server and 1.5.78 on the client.

This issue arose when one of my users was editing a spreadsheet and
another user attempted to open the same spreadsheet for viewing--the
attempted viewer received an error indicating that the file was

~ Tom