[OpenAFS] Is it possible to prevent caching local files?

Milan Zamazal pdm@zamazal.org
Wed, 30 Mar 2011 20:11:50 +0200

I use OpenAFS from Debian in home environment.

I connect from the client machine to both a network file server running
on another machine and a local file server running on the same machine
as the client.  I want to cache much data from the network server, so I
use a disk cache.  I don't want to cache any data from the local server
in the disk cache because this means they are copied from a local drive
to the same local drive during transfer, resulting in poor performance.

Is there a way to instruct the client to use a disk cache for remote
files and to use a memory cache (or not to use any cache at all) for
files stored locally?  Or to solve the problem in another way?