[OpenAFS] mixing AFS versions for db servers?

Christian chanlists@googlemail.com
Sat, 22 Oct 2011 01:05:06 +0200


we have a db server machine running 1.4.7 that seems to be having issues 
with hardware. I have another machine running 1.6.x as a fileserver. Can 
I promote that machine to be our second db server even if version 
numbers don't match? That would allow me to temporarily withdraw the 
first machine and do software and hardware maintenance.

Fortunately, the new machine has a higher IP address, and the dbservers 
are distributed via DNS.

Adding more db servers is something we had wanted to do for a long time...

I remember this question came up before, but I can't find it in the 
archive, sorry. The only reference I find is


which is admittedly rather old. Thanks,