[OpenAFS] Report of a (minor) problem observed

Mag. Mike B. Kerber michael.kerber@univie.ac.at
Thu, 27 Oct 2011 23:32:09 +0200

Hi all!

I just want to report a strange problem, i think should not occur with
The situation we have an old windows active directory domain being shut
down (old.domain.com) (no AFS) and a new linux/kerberos/afs based one
I had a machine (win2k) chef.old.domain.com (machine account in active
directory) with dns name oldchef.new.domain.com and a new replacement
machine with dns name chef.new.domain.com (win7).

so far so good. both machines were called "chef" in windows. after a
reboot windows2k on the old machine claimed "machine name already in
use" even when there is now name collision in DNS nor in the AD domain.
and not in afs related kerberos domain.
I didn't care about it because old machine gets kicked soon.
Still i needed to finish the data transfer from the old machine to the
new AFS filespace in the new setup. This already worked on
oldchef.new.domain.com but without chef.new.domain.com booted.
With it booted the network identity manager failed to obtain tokens.
Aklog in the shell produced an rpc error and i once got the error that
the afs service is still trying to start.

Rejoining  chef.old.domain.com to the AD again as oldchef.old.domain.com
resolved the AFS problem yet i think that this should not affect AFS if
the name collision is in the AD domain, that is not joined with AFS.

Interestingly the Win7 on chef.new.domain.com did not complain about a
name collision when booted similarly as win2k. So maybe the problem is
win2k based.
If any of the masters of AFS thinks this is worth starting a full bug
report as the suspect some deeper problem, please tell me and i will try
to recreate the problem again.
Personally i just want to report this finding for archival purposes
mainly as the afs failure was not easy to correlate to the (stupid) name
problem of Win.

Thanks, best regards